Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Israeli occupation forces remove “office” of Palestinian Activist in Sheikh Jarrah


Jerusalem – Days of Palestine

On Tuesday evening, the occupation forces confiscated the “symbolic office” of the Jerusalemite activist, Muhammad Abu al-Hummus, in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of the city.
Occupation officers, accompanied by police, stormed Abu al-Hummus “office,” coinciding with the arrival of a Jerusalemite delegation to the area, including the head of the Supreme Islamic Council, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, and other Jerusalemite figures.

Where the occupation forces confiscated the contents of the office and beat Abu al-Hummus, and forced those present to leave the place.
Activist Abu al-Hummus set up his office on a hill in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, opposite the “office” tent of extremist MK Itamar Ben Gvir.
The occupation forces continue to close the vicinity of “Ben Gvir’s office” and isolate it from its surroundings, amid repeated provocations from settlers by verbal insults and threats with pepper gas and trying to hit Palestinian youths and solidarity activists in the neighborhood.