Days of Palestine

Israeli Occupation Forces Kill 2 Palestinian Teens in 24 Hours, 11 Palestinians in 2 Months


DAYS OF PALESTINE – Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, north of Ramallah, on Tuesday afternoon, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed by Israel over the past week to five.

The young man, identified as Nihad Barghouti, a resident of Kufr Ein town, was reportedly shot in the abdomen during confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinians in Nabi Saleh.

Barghouti is the fifth Palestinian, and second teenager, to be killed by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank over the course of a week.

On Monday Israeli occupation forces killed 16-year-old Mohammad Akram Abu Salah during a raid on the village of Silat al-Harithiya in Jenin.

Israeli forces were raiding the village in order to prepare for the punitive home demolition of Palestinian prisoner Muhammed Jaradat, who was accused of killing an Israeli settler last year.

The raid sparked protests in the village, which drew crowds of Palestinians from Silat al-Harithiya and the surrounding villages, including the neighboring town of al-Yamoun, where Abu Salah was from.

According to Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCIP), Israeli snipers were stationed at positions around the village. When a Palestinian gunman reported fired towards Israeli military jeeps, Israel forces fired heavily towards the area where the shots came from.

After the confrontations had subsided, however, Israeli forces “suddenly and without warning” began firing indiscriminately at the crowds of Palestinians, DCIP said, injuring dozens of people.

Among those injured were Abu Salah, who was shot in the eye, while his cousin was shot in the hand as he attempted to aid Abu Salah. DCIP said that the two were running away when they were shot by a sniper positioned approximately 250 meters (820 feet) away.

On Tuesday February 8th, Israeli forces shot and killed three Palestinians during a targeted raid in Nablus, in what the Palestinian Ministry of Health condemned as an “assassination.”

The three Palestinian men were identified as Adham Mabrouka, Ashraf Mubaslat and Mohammed al-Dakhil, all members of Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Israeli occupation forces, who were traveling undercover in vehicles with Palestinian license plates, surrounded the men’s vehicle and opened fire on it in broad daylight, showering the car with bullets. Photos and videos of the vehicle show it riddled with dozens of bullet holes.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Israel for its “heinous brutality”, saying in a statement: “This crime is part of a series of criminal field executions carried out by the occupation forces in accordance with the instructions and directives of the political and military level.”

Israeli forces and settlers have killed 11 Palestinians since the start of 2022.