Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Israeli occupation continues violations against Palestinians: injuries, detentions, demolitions notifications, and settlers’ attack


The Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers continued their aggression, on Wednesday, August 18th, 2022, against the Palestinian people, their sanctities, and property, as a number of citizens were injured during an operation of the Israeli occupation army in a number of cities, and its forces launched a massive campaign of arrests in the West Bank, detaining 38 citizens, destroying Agricultural rooms in Salfit and notified of the demolition of a mosque and homes near Yatta, while dozens of settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

 Death and Injuries by the Israeli occupation’s bullets in Nablus and assault of a boy in Jerusalem

the Israeli occupation killed a boy of 18 years old. The Israeli occupation forces killed Waseem Nasr Khalifa, 18. Khalifa succumbed to the serious wounds he sustained from an Israeli bullet to the chest during confrontations in the vicinity of Youssef’s tomb in Nablus.

Three civilians, including two boys, were wounded by the Israeli occupation forces, during their storming of Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus.

The director of ambulance and emergency at the Red Crescent in Nablus, Ahmed Jibril, told “Wafa” that three civilians, including two boys, were wounded by live bullets, two in the thigh and one in the foot, during the storming of the Balata refugee camp, and described their condition as stable.

A young man was also wounded by live bullets in the thigh, and another was wounded by a direct gas canister in the head, and dozens of people suffocated with tear gas, during the Israeli occupation forces’ storming east of Nablus city.

The occupation forces also assaulted a young boy in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and according to local sources, that the occupation forces arrested the boy, Anwar Sharawneh, in the Old City and severely beat him, as a result of which he was wounded and bruised all over his body.


The occupation detains 39 citizens, most of them from Bethlehem and Jenin

The Israeli occupation forces launched a massive campaign of arrests in the West Bank, affecting 39 citizens, most of whom were from the governorates of Bethlehem and Jenin.

Local sources said that the occupation forces detained 22 citizens from the town of Teqoua, east of Bethlehem, who are: brothers Suleiman Khaled al-Amour (25 years) and Ahmed (23 years), Sufian Odeh Allah al-Amour (25 years), and two brothers Muhammad Imad al-Amour (29 years). Khalil (26 years), Baraa Raed Al-Amour (25 years), brothers Anas Adel Al-Amour (30 years), Muhammad (31 years), Mahmoud Ali Al-Amour (24 years), Mahmoud Deeb Al-Amour (19 years), and Moamen Ratib Al-Amour (21 years old) ), Talal Issa Al-Amour (47 years), his son Sanad (18 years), Muhammad Riyad Al-Amour (21 years), brothers Baha Khaled Al-Badan (24 years), Hussein (22 years), Khalil Daoud Abu Mufreh (30 years), and Wajdi Samer Al-Badan (17 years), Riyadh Imad Al-Badan (22 years), Ibrahim Fouad Al-Sabah (25 years), Muhammad Suleiman Al-Shaer (23 years), and Musa Muhammad Al-Amour (22 years) .

In Jenin, the Israeli occupation forces detained 11 citizens from the town of Yabad, they are Majd Abdel Rahman Ba’jawi, Muhammad Issa Ba’jawi, Amir Kamel Atatreh, Ali Ba’jawi, Hadi Bilal Zaid al-Kilani, Naseem Muhammad Saeed Qabha, Nassim Muhannad Amarneh, Muhammad Maher Abu Bakr, and Nizar Hamrasha, Ahmed Ezz El-Din Amarneh, and Jaafar Youssef Ebadi, after they raided and searched their homes.

From Ramallah, the Israeli occupation forces detained the freed captives Hamza Awad from Kober, and Ali Munir Hamdan from Beit Sira, after they raided and searched their homes.

From Nablus, the Israeli occupation forces detained Walid Abu Lail from the Rafidia neighborhood and the released prisoner Othman Al Khalili from Al-Dahiya neighborhood in the city.

From Tulkarm, the Israeli occupation forces detained the young man, Muhammad Sareeh Hassan Mahamid (38 years), from the suburb of Iktaba, east of the city, after they raided and searched his house, and the young man, Wadih Muhammad Hadid (19 years), from the suburb of Thinaba, east of Tulkarm, at the Annab checkpoint in the east.

It also detained a number of workers, while they were in the Shuafat camp, in occupied Jerusalem, and local sources said that the occupation forces raided the camp and stormed dozens of houses, and arrested a number of workers, under the pretext that they did not have “permits”.

The same sources added that the occupation forces summoned the Jerusalemite Firas al-Atrash from the town of Silwan, to review its intelligence, and they also photographed a number of shops in the town of al-Isawiya.


The occupation demolishes agricultural rooms and notifies the halt of work on a mosque and four houses, and uproots trees

The Israeli occupation forces demolished five agricultural rooms in the towns of Bruqin and Kafr al-Deek, in the governorate of Salfit. The same sources added that the occupation forces demolished an agricultural room in the Al-Baqan area in the town of Bruqin, west of Salfit, owned by the mayor of Bruqin, Fayed Abdel-Fattah Sabra.

The Israeli occupation forces notified suspension of work in the mosque of the village of Khashem al-Karam and four houses southeast of Yatta, in the Hebron governorate, belonging to citizens Suleiman Muhammad Musa al-Najada, Mahmoud Abdullah Hussein al-Najada, Abdullah Mahmoud Abdullah al-Najada, and Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad al-Najada, to stop work in their homes. The area of ​​each house is about 100 square meters.

The Israeli occupation forces uprooted 166 palm and citrus seedlings in the lands leased from the Ministry of Awqaf in the cooperative village of Al-Awsaj, north of Jericho, and destroyed a water transmission line. The occupation forces also stormed the village of Al-Tawani in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron, and seized six vehicles.

The occupation authorities forced two Jerusalemite families to self-demolish their homes, under the pretext of non-licensing, and sources reported that the occupation authorities forced the Shweiki family to demolish their home in the Al-Thawri neighborhood overlooking the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.


Dozens of Israeli settlers storm “Al-Aqsa ” and others throw stones at citizens’ vehicles

Dozens of Israeli settlers stormed the courtyards of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, under the protection of the Israeli occupation police, and local sources reported that dozens of settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in successive groups, from the side of the Mughrabi Gate, and carried out provocative tours in its courtyards.

Israeli Settlers attacked citizens’ vehicles southwest of Jenin, and sources reported that a group of settlers attacked citizens’ vehicles with stones on the main road near the “Dotan” settlement, which was forcibly built on Palestinian lands southwest of Jenin.


The occupation targets fishermen and farmers in the north and south of the Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation forces targeted fishermen and farmers in the north and south of the Gaza Strip.

Source reported that the occupation forces, stationed in military towers along the separation fence east of Khan Yunis, opened fire with heavy machine guns toward agricultural lands east of the towns of Khuza’a and Qarara, to the east of the city, and forced the farmers to withdraw from their lands, but no injuries were reported.

The Israeli occupation naval boats also attacked the fishermen’s boats off the northern Gaza Strip with bullets and water cannons, forcing them to leave the sea.

In the evening, Israeli occupation navy boats targeted the fishing boats in the Khan Yunis sea in the southern Gaza Strip.