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Saturday, April 1

Israeli Occupation Approves Law to Return Settlers to 4 Settlements in West Bank

Israeli Occupation to Settle 25K Israeli Settlers in Silwan
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The Ministerial Committee for Legislation in the Israeli occupation’s government approved, during a meeting of the Cabinet, today, Sunday, February 12, a law canceling the plan to evacuate 4 illegal Israeli settlements in West Bank, which was implemented in 2005.

The Israeli newspaper “Israel Hayom” indicated that the settlements are “Ganim”, “Kadim”, “Homesh” and “Sanor”, to which the Israeli settlers will be returned according to the law.

The Israeli “Walla” website indicated that the Knesset intends to vote in preliminary reading on the bill next Wednesday.

Earlier, “Walla” made it clear that the Israeli government is seeking to advance measures aimed at legalizing random Israeli settlement outposts in the West Bank. In addition, it approved, for the first time since its inauguration, the construction of new Israeli settlement units.