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Israel to Approve Settlement Plan in Jerusalem’s Jabal Al-Mukaber

B.M | DOP -

The Jerusalem Local Planning and Building Committee revealed a new plan to expand an Israeli settlement in Jerusalem’s town of Jabal Al-Mukaber.

The Committee is scheduled to discuss the plan on Monday to construct 100 new housing units and 275 hotel rooms at the entrance to the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabal Mukaber.

In a statement, the Israeli left-wing association Ir Amim said that the committee will discuss objections submitted against the plan which mainly aims at expanding the Nof Zion settlement.

The statement pointed out that Nof Zion is on its way to become the largest settlement in the heart of a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem with a capacity of 400 settlement units.

“Nof Zion settlement consists of 95 housing units,” the association underlined, adding that some additional 200 settlement units are still under construction.

Under international law, all Israeli settlement activities in occupied Palestine are illegal. However, the Israeli new government has settlement expansion at the top of its priorities.

According to UN reports, the number of Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank had grown from 520,000 to over 700,000 during the past decade.