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Saturday, June 3

Israel Medical Association Aids Torture of a Palestinians, Rights Group Says


The Physicians for Human Rights filed an official complaint to the International Medical Association against the Israeli Medical Association, stressing that it is participating in the crime of apartheid, on Wednesday, July 6th.

The association, which was founded by an Israeli psychiatrist in 1988, referred to “dozens of cases of violations of the rights of Palestinian patients” in a press release.

in a statement, the Association expressed its disappointment with The Medical Syndicate in Israel saying that the syndicated isn’t only unhelpful but rather aiding organizations that deny Palestinians the right to health care as it systematically ignores dozens of cases of violation of the right to health, paying no regards to medical ethics, and in that, participating in the crime of apartheid.

Physicians for Human Rights has called on the International Medical Syndicate to uphold its responsibilities and enforce practical measures to ensure that the Israel Medical Association adheres to values and principles set by the international medical community.

“Thus, for example, in response to information submitted to the Israel Medical Association regarding the Israeli police storming the French Hospital in Jerusalem during the funeral of Al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh, the head of the Israeli Medical Association, Professor Zion Hagai, refused to denounce the incident, only because it happened in a Palestinian hospital.”

The committee pointed out that it corresponded with the Israeli Medical Association for more than 30 years in demand that it take a stand and work to stop the inhumane practices against Palestinians

The complaint covered four main issues in detail including, compromising the safety of Palestinian medical staff during Israeli raids as well as the right of Palestinian patients to receive health care.

Second, it also listed the role of Israeli doctors in assisting the torture of Palestinians at the hands of Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency.

According to the NGO, the Israel Medical Association disregarded the testimony that children from Gaza were being treated outside of the Strip without their parents.

It’s important to note that these kids are usually extreme medical cases. a big number of them are cancer patients. these children get terrified being treated alone without the presence of a consoling paternal figure and sometimes succumb to their illnesses and die, scared and alone

The complaint is composed of credible evidence from local and international bodies that the Israel Medical Association has repeatedly failed in its duty to protect the right of Palestinians to health due to Israeli military aggression.

The association confirmed that “the Israeli Medical Association, in most cases, did not care about responding to the association’s directions, and in some of them even justified the Israeli policies.”

It added, saying”On the basis of the field data we have collected, we conclude that the Israel Medical Association is complicit in these ethical failures and gross violations of human rights, and even, in some cases, provides overt support to its.”

There is sufficient evidence from local and international bodies that the Medical Association in Israel has repeatedly failed to fulfill its duty to protect the right of Palestinians to health, according to the association

The association called on “the International Medical Association, to take effective measures to ensure the commitment of the Israeli Medical Association, which is a member, to the values ​​and principles set by the international medical community,” according to the statement.