Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

IPS Sends Palestinian Prisoners to Solitary Confinement for Celebrating Jerusalem Attack

IPS sent 12 Palestinians to solitary confinement in Megido prison
M.Y | DOP -

Israeli Prison Service (IPS) put twentytwo Palestinian prisoners were placed into solitary confinement in a prison in northern Palestine on Friday night, following their celebration of the shooting incident in Jerusalem.

The prisoners in two of the cells at Megiddo Prison heard about the attack, resulting in seven Israeli fatalities and three others hurt, on the news and began rejoicing.

Officers of the Israel Prison Service quickly went to the cells and removed 12 inmates to solitary confinement, which caused an uproar that resulted in 10 more Palestinians being penalized.

Seven Israeli settlers were fatally shot and three more were injured on Friday night. The Attack came as response from Palestinians after a deadly raid by Israeli occupation forces in Jenin that left at least 9 Palestinians dead.