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Wednesday, February 1

IOF Detain Palestinian Freed Prisoner From Occupied Jerusalem

IOF Again Detain Palestinian Released Prisoner From Occupied Jerusalem
S.K | DOP -

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) again detained January 16, 2023 the Palestinian prisoner Majd Al-Waari from the town of Beit Hanina, north of occupied Jerusalem, the moment he was released from the Negev prison after serving his 28-month sentence.

In the same context, IOF detained the two Palestinian children, Amer Abu Hadwan, from the town of Silwan and Fayeq Nassif Habash from the old city, and summoned the child Youssef Al-Qabbani for investigation.

The Israeli Occupation Court also issued a decision to deport the Pslestinian Moayad Al-Bilbisi from the Old City of occupied Jerusalem for a period of two weeks.

It’s noteworthy that these provocative acts come amid the escalating atmosphere, especially after the formation of the new Israeli Government.

Daily violations against Palestinian citizens, deliberate detentions, house demolitions and mandatory deportation policy are doubled and multiplied in a way to suffocate and complicate Palestinian lives.