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Thursday, February 2

How 15 Years of Blockade Impacted Health Determinants in Gaza

N.S | DOP -

The 15 years of Israeli occupation blockade on the people of Gaza has severely damaged health determinants over the years, including severe restrictions on people’s movements, limitations on the entry and exit of medical supplies, rising unemployment, food insecurity, lack of clean water and sanitation for health protection.

Israeli occupation barriers alongside the besieged Gaza Strip block access to healthcare supplies into Gaza and refrain patients in need of essential care from getting treatment abroad.

Since 2016, out of 64% of permit applications for health staff and medical supplies were not approved.

From 2008 to 2022, Israeli Occupation has restricted access to almost 70,000 Palestinian patients with critical conditions whereas around other 115,000 permit applications are suspended.

Such suspended applications mean worse health outcomes and higher mortality for Palestinian patients, including cancer stricken ones.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and other partner organizations are calling for an immediate end to the devastating blockade of the Gaza Strip.

WHO also has made recommendations for improving health conditions in the strip, including, ending the arbitrary delay and denial of permits for Palestinian patients in need of essential care, facilitating entry of all essential medicines and medical supplies, and fulfilling determinants of health for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.