Days of Palestine

Saturday, January 28

Gaza Blockade

How 15 Years of Blockade Impacted Health Determinants in Gaza

The 15 years of Israeli occupation blockade on the people of Gaza has severely damaged health determinants over the years,

Gaza: Media Outlets Call on US Congress to End Gaza blockade

Palestinian media outlets in Gaza have called on Saturday the United State Congress and international parliaments for a visit as

We Are Born to Suffer, Student in Gaza Says

Majed, 18, a student from Gaza city said that “I feel like we are born to suffer,” as Israeli blockade,

In Gaza, you die a thousand times


Palestinians in Gaza Resume Protests Against Israel’s Crippling Blockade

Af.M | DOP
Palestinians in Gaza organized Tuesday, September 13, an event titled “Our Gas Is Our Right” in protest against the Israeli

Palestinians Launch Massive Campaign to End Israeli Siege of Gaza

Af.M | DOP
Some Palestinian media, human rights activists, and other Palestinian organizations launched Saturday, September 22 a wide campaign to end the

5 Gaza Patients Died In 2022 Due to Israeli siege

Af.M | DOP
Five Palestinian patients including three children from Gaza died so far in 2022 after the Israeli occupation banned or delayed

Report: Israeli Blockade Suffocates Gaza Strip

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Israeli deadly blockade imposed on Gaza 15 years ago turned the enclave into an open-air prison. Israeli occupation regime brought

ActionAid Calls for Urgent International Action to Open Gaza

Days of Palestine – Ramallah ActionAid, a global federation working for a world free from poverty and injustice, called Wednesday