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Saturday, March 25

Former Irish MP Describes Israeli settlers’ Attack on Huwara as “International Disgrace”

Former Irish MP Describes Israeli settlers' Attack on Huwara as "International Disgrace"
M.S | DOP -

Former Irish MP Gerry Adams commented Monday, March 6, on the recent Israeli settlers’ aggression on Huwara, describing it as “an international disgrace”.

“Israelis danced as they burned 75 Palestinian homes and killed a man in Huwara. It is an international disgrace that this is allowed to continue,” said Adams.

On Sunday, February 26, Israeli colonizers stormed Hawara town, under the protection of the occupation forces, threw stones at Palestinian homes, set fire to garbage containers and Palestinian vehicles, and tried to burn olive trees. They also set fire to a Palestinian house with its residents inside.

The settlers’ attack on the town resulted in the killing of a Palestinian and the injury of 390 others.

Instead of controlling the security situation in the area, The Israeli occupation forces protected extremist settlers and participated in their attack on the Palestinian citizens.