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Saturday, June 3

Extremist Israeli Colonizers Storm Al-Aqsa Under IOF Protection

Extremist Israeli Colonizers Storm Al-Aqsa Under IOF Protection
M.S | DOP -

Extremist Israeli colonizers stormed on Sunday morning, May 14, 2023, the Al-Aqsa mosque under the protection of Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

Dozens of Israeli colonizers stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque protected by the Israeli troops and made provocative tours in its courtyards, the Islamic Awaqaf Authority in Jerusalem said.

It added that the Israeli settlers performed Jewish Talmudic rituals in the Bab Al-Rahma area (Mercy Gate), east of the mosque.

Local Palestinian sources reported that 135 Israeli colonizers stormed today morning the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa mosque.

It’s noteworthy that the Israeli occupation forces impose strict measures on the Palestinian entry to the Al-Aqsa mosque by searching and holding their ID cards and keeping them waiting for a long time at the Gates to enter the mosque.

Consequently, Palestinian activists and figures continue to call on the Palestinian people throughout Palestine to folk to the Al-Aqsa mosque and intensify their presence in its courtyards to confront the biggest Israeli settlers’ storming of the mosque, which is scheduled on May 18.

The extremist Jewish “Temple Mount” groups are mobilizing for wide storming into the Al-Aqsa mosque and launching the Israeli Falgs March in the Old City on the anniversary of the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem.