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Wednesday, May 31

Easton Football Players to Join Boycott Puma Protest in Bristol

S.K | DOP -

Football players from the Easton Cowgirls and Cowboys team will join Friday, September 9, 2022 Palestinian rights activists in a boycott Puma demonstration taking place in Broadmead, Bristol.

The neighborhood football team and sports organization will dress-alike in their uniforms to support the Bristol- Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s demonstration outside the Sports direct location in the Broadmead Shopping Center, which sells Puma merchandise.

Easton Cowgirls member Sooz said: “Having played football in Palestine, we have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects the illegal occupation has on the daily lives of Palestinians, including the simple act of playing football.

The demonstration is a part of a national movement to protest outside Puma stores and retailers as the sportswear firm has been urged by more than 200 Palestinian football teams to stop supporting the Israel Football Association (IFA) and Israeli war crimes.

There are football clubs in the (IFA) that play on Palestinians’ occupied land and are headquartered in Israeli settlements all across the West Bank.