Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Feature: What we really know about vulnerable people in Gaza?

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Israeli Occupation warplanes have been targeting civilians in Gaza over the past two decades. Yet, what impact has the aggressions on the mental health of vulnerable people.

The question is simple, but what Gazans have been through during several previous aggressions is likely to affect their attitudes afterwards.

“I am really terrified,” Amal says, a resident from Gaza. “Night used to be a sign of calmness but now it is not anymore, I can still hear Israeli airstrikes bombing inside my head every night.”

“How many times do we have to encounter such bombs?” Amal asked. “We crave to build our city once again.”

The past deadly aggressions are repeated every once in a while, on Gaza in a further offensive tone.

Amal continued: “We have only one life and we want to live it peacefully. Dreams, efforts, should not be gone away in an instant.”

“How many times do we have to start again and again?” Amal Added.

Moreover, homeless people are in grave trouble as they struggle to cope with the aftermath of the aggressions.

Israeli Occupation must pay the price for its crimes in Gaza.

State media reported that Israeli air forces intended to carry out strikes at night to overwhelm children and women in a state of awe,

During the 2021 aggression, Amal tells her sister: “This would be my last night, we are lucky enough if we survive and are able to wake up the next morning.” as the heavy and loud shillings is being heard from a faraway distance.

“People of Gaza have had enough.” The UN humanitarian coordinator for Palestinian affairs Mrs. Lynn Hastings pleaded the international community to instantly ceasefire and provide urgent aids for the strip.

Israeli airstrikes caused massive damage in several parts of the enclave, targeting infrastructure plus crucial towers which even resulted in declining the economy in Gaza.

“This land belongs to us, and the occupation sooner or later shall be fade away.” Amal concluded