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Friday, March 31

Al-Qassam Warns against Israeli Continuous Crimes against Palestinian People

Al-Qassam Warns Against Israeli Continuous Crimes against Palestinian People
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The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, warned Thursday evening, March 16, against the Israeli occupation’s continuous crimes and religious war against the Palestinian people and sanctities.

It said in a statement following the occupation’s crime in occupied Jenin, “If the occupation believes that the escalation of its aggression against our Palestinian people and its religious war against our sanctities will weaken our resolve or break our will, then it is delusional. Time will prove the sincerity of our words; Enough is enough.”

Al-Qassam mourned the Palestinian martyrs who were killed by the Israeli occupation forces during their storming of Jenin camp on Thursday, March 16.

Local sources reported that a special Israeli unit in civilian clothes infiltrated the Jenin camp and assassinated four Palestinian citizens, namely Yusuf Saleh Shreim, Nidal Amin Khazim, Omar Mohammad Awadin, and Louay Khalil Al-Zag.

Immediately, violent confrontations erupted between the Palestinian resistance fighters and the occupation forces, who stormed the camp in large numbers to protect the special forces and get them out of the camp.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that 23 Palestinian citizens were wounded by the occupation bullets during the confrontations.

On a semi-daily basis, the Israeli occupation forces carry out military incursions into the occupied city of Jenin and its camp and carry out crimes against Palestinian citizens, including killings, arrests, injuries, and assaults.