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Thursday, June 8

Act For Palestine Holds Symposium to Mark 75th Anniversary of Nakba

Act For Palestine Holds Symposium to Mark 75th Anniversary of Nakba
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The Act For Palestine Foundation held Sunday, May 14, 2023, a symposium to mark the 75th anniversary of Nakba (the catastrophe of mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israeli gangs in 1948), hosting the Jewish historian and writer Ilan Pappe. 

Many politicians, diplomats, and media professionals from America, Europe, and Palestine participated in the symposium entitled “Has the Nakba Ended in 1948?”.

In his speech, Ilan Pappe spoke about the mass ethnic cleansing practised by the Zionist and British gangs in Palestine. 

“It is important to understand how the Zionists began the ethnic cleansing of more than a quarter million Palestinians during the Nakba,” said Pappe.

“The international community’s silence enabled the Zionist movement to continue ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people,” he added. “Though the world knows that well, it allowed the establishment of ‘Israeli’.”

He emphasized that the Israeli occupation has been practising the crime of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian until now.

As for the Israeli massacres against Palestinians, Pappe confirmed, “The Israeli massacres is also one of the collective punishment policies the Israeli occupation has learned from the British mandate – on Palestine.”

“The way the Israeli policy is being implemented against the Palestinian people in Gaza and West Bank is increasingly genocidal, he continued. “Killing two Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank daily is also genocide.”

Pappe called on the international community, especially the Western community, to act and not be silent towards the Israeli crimes that have been being practised against the Palestinian people for over 75 years. 

He stressed that the Zionist movement has been established by ethnic cleansing, suppression of the indigenous people, and depriving them of their legal rights.

Nakba (catastrophe) refers to the May 1948 events, during which Israeli gangs murdered 15,000 Palestinians in many massacres throughout Palestine.

During the Nakba, the zionist gangs forcibly expelled 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland, who have been living in the diaspora until today.