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3 Palestinian Detainees Enter New Year in Israeli Prisons

3 Palestinian Detainees Enter New Years in Israeli Prisons
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The Palestinian Prisoners Club said Saturday, April 1, 2023, that three Palestinian detainees from Jenin have entered today a new year in the Israeli occupation prisons.

The club reported that three detainees are Alaa Al-Din Tawfiq, Amer Abd Al-Nabi, and Issam Zayoud.

Aladdin Tawfiq Mohammad Farhat, from Jenin camp, has entered today his 22nd year in Israeli prisons. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

The detainee, Amer Mohammad Mustafa Abd Al-Nabi, from Taybeh, has entered his 21st year, and he is sentenced to 26 years in prison.

The detainee, Issam Mohammad Salim Zyoud, from the Silat Al-Harithiya town, has entered his 18th year in Israeli prisons and is sentenced to 25 years in prison. Zayoud has another detained brother, Muayad Zyoud, who has been detained since 2002 and sentenced to 25 years.

According to Palestinian figures, Israeli occupation currently detains 4765 Palestinians, including 29 females, 150 minors, 975 administrative detainees, and 600 patients.