Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

UNRWA Suspends Six Gazans Teachers Over Writing About Palestinian Cause

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has taken a decision to suspend six Palestinian teachers from working in the Gaza Strip, for allegedly “inciting the occupation,” through social media, local sources reported.

The sources clarified that UNRWA’s decision came after pressure exerted by the UN WATCH monitoring organization on the UNRWA administration in the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the decision to suspend the six teachers came after they wrote posts on social media related to the Palestinian cause.

The source confirmed that the employees’ union is currently discussing with the UNRWA administration the decision to suspend the six employees, indicating that the union categorically rejects this measure, and will have a later position in particular.

For its part, the Department of Refugee Affairs in the “Popular Front” described the decision as dangerous and biased towards the occupation, calling for its immediate withdrawal.

In a statement, the department considered that UNRWA’s reliance on a report issued by the Zionist organization UN WATCH – according to the statement – to take these measures, confirms its complicity and identification with the state of incitement practiced by the Zionist enemy against our people.

It continued especially the employees just for their bias to their just cause, express their adherence to national principles and rights on social media pages and sites, and participate in various national events and activities.

It also pointed out that the decision will have serious repercussions on the relationship between our people and the UNRWA administration, which requires the management of the international organization urgently to retract it and not repeat it, because it affects sensitive and stable national issues.

They stressed that “our people will not, in any way, allow the implementation of this decision, and will respond with full force to the case of the administration’s acquiescence to Zionist pressure and incitement.”