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Saturday, June 3

600 Palestinian Prisoners Suffer from Diseases, Some of Them Chronic, in Israeli Occupation Prisons

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners suffer from chronic diseases in Israeli occupation prisons, including 6 prisoners who were diagnosed with cancer during the period between August 2021 and this June, amid the Israeli Prison Authority’s neglect of the sick cases among the prisoners.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club indicates that about 600 sick prisoners are languishing in Israeli prisons, including 200 prisoners who suffer from chronic diseases.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club pointed out that 23 Palestinian prisoners were suffering from cancer of varying degrees, including 6 prisoners who tested positive during the period between August 2021 and this June.

The Israeli occupation authorities and the Prison Authority deliberately neglect the health of sick prisoners in its prisons and delay providing the necessary treatment to them, as Israeli prison clinics lack specialists and doctors on duty at night to treat emergency cases.

The Israeli occupation Prison Service places prisoners with infectious diseases, such as acute and contagious viral intestinal infections, in the same prisons as the rest of the prisoners, which threatens to spread the disease quickly among the prisoners.

The Israeli occupation authorities transfer sick prisoners to hospitals after their health condition deteriorates while they are handcuffed and feet, in unventilated freight cars, in addition to depriving prisoners with chronic diseases of their medicines.

The Israeli occupation authorities are taking advantage of the prisoners’ illness to extract confessions from them, by interrogating them, and putting pressure on them while they are in a difficult health condition, in addition to providing expired medicines.

With regard to Palestinian women prisoners, the Israeli occupation authorities force them to give birth while they are handcuffed.

The Head of the Studies and Documentation Department at the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority, Abdel Nasser Farwana, said that more than 600 Palestinian prisoners are suffering from various illnesses, including dozens who have chronic diseases like heart failure, kidney failure, paralysis, and cancer.

Farwana added that some of the sick Palestinian prisoners need help with some basic daily activities.

Furthermore, he assured that if comprehensive examinations were conducted on all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, the number of cases would witness a sharp rise.

The top Palestinian figure also stated that “over 400 Palestinian prisoners have waged individual hunger strikes over the last 10 years, the majority of them against administrative detention, as an act of resistance, in light of international institutions’ impotence and silence in the face of this ongoing crime.”

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In protest of their administrative detention, administrative prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons continue their boycott of the Israeli occupation courts for the 13th consecutive day.

Save Nasser Abu Hamid

It is worth mentioning that cancer-stricken prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid is in a critical situation, as a result of the occupation’s deliberate stalling and neglect.

For his part, Hamas Movement Spokesperson Hazem Qassem warned that “the occupation continued medical negligence against the Palestinian detainee Nasser Abu Hamid is a crime that reflects the sadism of the ‘Zionist Prison Service’ in dealing with the Palestinian detainees in the occupation prisons.”

Similarly, Waed Association for Prisoners strongly denounced the policy of “medical negligence to which cancer-stricken Prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid and all the prisoners were subjected,” stressing that Abu Hamid is “subjected to a systematic and deliberate assassination.”