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Tuesday, March 21

The Resistance Is Ready To Repeat “Sword Of Jerusalem,” Mishaal Says

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“The Palestinian resistance still has its hands on the trigger and is ready to recreate the Sword of Jerusalem battle,” Khaled Mashal, the head of Hamas’ external political office, has threatened.

“We don’t want another conflict, but we can’t give up our lands, Jerusalem, and holy places,” Mishaal stated in an online symposium titled “The Resistance Is Ongoing” on Thursday evening.

“The coming Ramadan will be a tough season, and its days will be packed with surprises,” the Hamas official continued, “as the enemy strives to impose free tranquility while continuing its [Aqsa Mosque] break-ins and aggression.”

He also lauded the “heroic” shooting operation that took place in Tel Aviv last Tuesday.

“The valiant operation in Tel Aviv highlighted once again that resistance is the best path, as well as sending a clear message saying ‘enough for normalization and negotiations,’” Mishaal said.

After clashes with Israeli forces, one Palestinian was killed and another was detained in response to Israel’s continued crimes

After riots erupted in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening, one Palestinian youth was reported slain and another captured.

According to Israeli occupation sources, five Israelis were killed and others were injured in the incident.

The incident occurred in the context of an uptick in Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including the killing, wounding, and assaulting of schoolchildren.

It’s worth noting that the European Union has said that “Israeli settlers’ rising aggression towards Palestinians is leading to a major escalation in tension.”

According to media reports, the rising tension is a natural result of Israeli racist measures against Palestinians in occupied Palestine, such as home demolitions, detention, field executions, and movement restrictions, as well as Israeli settlers’ continued atrocities against Palestinian citizens in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Furthermore, Palestinians in Tel Aviv face racial discrimination because Israeli troops regard them as second-class citizens.

“An Israeli eyewitness says that the Palestinian gunman who carried out the shooting operation in Tel Aviv avoided killing Israeli women and children and asked them to stay away.”