Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Palestinian Ministry of Education Condemns Israeli Occupation’s Court decision to Demolish School in WB


The Palestinian Ministry of Education condemned, on Wednesday, August 10th, the Israeli court’s decision to demolish and destroy the Ein Samiya Elementary School in Ramallah in Al-Bireh Education Directorate.

In a statement issued by the ministry of education, the ministry confirmed that this unjust decision against the school constitutes an egregious crime. the statement expressed that this had added to a series of continuous crimes of the Israeli occupation against the educational sector, and the right to education in all Palestinian territories.  Especially in the less fortunate neighborhoods. Israel targets children, students, educational staff, and educational institutions without regard for charters or to international laws and norms, denying children and girls access to education.

The ministry pointed out that the occupation’s attacks against educational institutions constitute a flagrant violation of the right of students to safe and free education, calling on all international human rights, and media institutions and organizations; To assume their legal and moral responsibilities toward halting the escalating violations of the Israeli occupation, and work to curb these aggressive practices, expose them in all forums and fields, and provide protection and advocacy for our students and educational cadres.

The ministry pointed out that it is following up on this decision and its repercussions and means to stop it, in cooperation with friends, partners, organizations, and relevant bodies at the international level.

It is noteworthy that this school was built at the beginning of this year, from the first to the sixth grade, and serves about seven children from the surrounding Bedouin community