Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

First Anniversary for ‘Freedom Tunnel” Prisoners

N.S | DOP -

On the same day last year, a group of six courageous Palestinians managed to snatch their freedom through a tunnel they dug amid high security measures in the Israeli Jalbou Prison.


The prison is well-known as ‘The Iron Fist” where Israeli Authority puts in place high tech cameras beside numerous numbers of Israeli soldiers.

The incident gave birth, once again, to the case of persecuted Palestinian prisoners on the world stage to emphasize on the Palestinian right of freedom and as a reminder of the vast number of prisoners inside Israeli jails.


They, the six prisoners, kept on digging underground for nearly nine months, using simple tools as spoons during the process. The result was a 25 deep way-out tunnel.

The Liberated prisoners then relished the “breeze of Palestine” following 25 years of captivity.


The story “Big Prison Break’’ as Palestinians called it inspired directors in the Gaza Strip as they directed a series which has the name of the prison

There are 4550 Palestinian prisoners inside the Israeli jails including 27 women, 175 children, in addition to 670 administrative ones.