Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

Settlers Raid Two Mosques in Hebron, Vandalize Furniture

S.K | DOP -

Extremist Israeli settlers attacked Sunday, November 20, 2022 two mosques and shattered their windows during an attack on Bab al-Zawiya neighborhood in the city of Hebron, to the south of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli settlers guarded by Israeli occupation forces invaded the two mosques as they held a provocative rally through the neighborhood, while shouting racist slogans at Palestinian residents.

Yesterday’s evening, several Palestinians sustained injuries in an attack by Israeli settlers on the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida in the city. The settlers slso pelted stones and empty bottles at homes and physically assaulted and beat up Palestinian residents, injuring some. 

Settlers also attacked vendors’ stalls and passers-by as they walked through the alleys of the neighborhood, backed and guarded by Israeli army and police.

The old city of Hebron has been a hotspot of settler violence during the past few weeks with attacks reported there almost every day.