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Saturday, June 3

Palestinians Launch Massive Campaign to End Israeli Siege of Gaza

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Some Palestinian media, human rights activists, and other Palestinian organizations launched Saturday, September 22 a wide campaign to end the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2007. 

This campaign coincides with Gaza entering its sixteenth year of suffocating, inhuman, and illegal blockade that affects all aspects of Palestinian life, turning the enclave into an open-air prison. 

The activists noted that the Israeli occupation has been imposing an efficient and impenetrable land, aerial, and naval embargo on an area with a population of more than two million, since June 2007.

In the same vein, they clarified the Israeli blockade’s catastrophic effects on the Gaza Strip which caused a severe lack of basic supplies such as food, fuel, goods, and essential medical equipment. 

As a result of the Israeli deadly blockade, about 56 percent of Palestinians in Gaza suffer from poverty, and the unemployment level rate is 63 percent, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). 

In this context, Israeli occupation forces operations, including land incursions and air attacks have damaged Gaza’s pipelines and sewage treatment infrastructure.

As a consequence, sewage often seeps into drinking water which caused a sharp increase in waterborne diseases, and more than 95 percent of Gaza’s water becomes unsafe to drink, according to UN reports.

The Palestinian activists called on people from all over the world to sign a petition calling for an immediate end to the illegal siege imposed on Gaza since 2007.