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Palestinians in Gaza Commemorate Burning Al-Aqsa Anniversary

M.Y | DOP -

Palestinian factions in Gaza organized on Monday a national conference to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of burning of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, stressing that Jerusalem will remain the center of the conflict with the Israeli occupation.

Hundreds of Palestinians, faction leaders, civil society representatives participated in the conference.

Deputy Secretary-General of the Palestinians Popular Front Jamil Mezher, stressed that “Jerusalem is the center of our conflict with the enemy, and Al-Aqsa will remain a religious and national landmark.”

He called for legal actions against anyone found guilty or involved in handing over land to Israelis.

“The time has come for a serious and responsible national dialogue to develop a comprehensive national program that protects our people and our presence in Jerusalem, and takes all adequate measures in defending them and strengthening their steadfastness,” he said.

Mezher called on the international community to stop using double standards with Palestinians.