Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Palestinians call for popular mobilization to repel Israeli Forces Attacks on Occupied West Bank 

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Palestinian activists called Wednesday, 29 September 2022 for a massive strike, popular resistance, and civil disobedience throughout the occupied West Bank cities and villages, opposing Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinian people. 

Palestine’s National and Islamic Action factions stated that popular resistance unity in all its forms is the only and most suitable choice for supporting the Palestinian people, restoring their rights, and confronting the Israeli military occupation’s constant crimes in the occuiped West Bank.

The remarks followed another Israeli military raid of the occuiped West Bank villages and refugee camps primarily Jenin. 

Earlier Wednesday, Israeli occupation forces stormed Jenin and massacred the 4 Palestinian youths Ahmed Alawneh, Abed Hazem, Mohammed Alouna, and Mohammed Abu Naasna, injuring 44 others including critical injuries. 

Palestinian activist Thamer Sabaaneh said that what happened in Jenin is aggression against all Palestinian cities, villages, and camps.

Palestinian cities’ support for Jenin is a must in order not to break its popular resistance against Israeli occupation military raids, Sabaaneh added. 

The Palestinian writer and political analyst Omar Assaf considered that popular resistance including civil disobedience and massive strike is the only option for the Palestinian people. 

Wednesday evening, Palestinians rallied in occupied Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah, Qalqilya, and Jerusalem, in support of Jenin.

In contrast, Israeli occupation troops raided multiple cities and villages across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and fired live bullets and stun grenades excessively toward the Palestinian residents’ homes and Palestinian youths upstanding against the Israeli occupation’s daily violations, injuring, detaining, and suffocating dozens of them. 

Israeli forces have escalated their daily raids and violations against Palestinian towns and villages in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in recent months.