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Saturday, June 3

Palestinian Prisoner Enters His 22nd Year in Israeli Prisons

S.K | DOP -

The Palestinian prisoner Shadi Faisal Musa (46), from the village of Marka, south of occupied Jenin, entered Saturday, April 15, 2023, his 22nd year in the Israeli occupation prisons.

The director of the Prisoners’ Club in occupied Jenin, stated that the Palestinian prisoner, Musa, is sentenced to 25 years and is considered one of the sick prisoners as he suffered a stroke in 2009 and suffered a second stroke two years ago.

In addition to strokes, prisoner Musa suffers heart problems, as he was injured during his detention following being shot by Israeli soldiers in the head.

He added that the prisoner, Musa, underwent a cardiac catheterization operation in the Israeli “Soroka” hospital, and a pacemaker was installed for his heart, though he still needs an urgent medical follow-up.

The occupation uses the policy of medical negligence as a weapon against Palestinians, by which Palestinian prisoners killed inside Israeli prisons.

As a result, the number of sick Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons has reached about 600 detainees, including 24 detainees with tumors.

Israeli occupation authorities currently hold some 4900 Palestinians in prisons, including 160 children and 31 women.

In the absence of strong pressure to stop the systemic inhumane abuses, the racist and fascist policies of the Prison Service Administration have a negative impact on Palestinian detainees.