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Wednesday, May 31

Palestinian Prisoner Dia Al-Agha From Gaza Enters His 31st Year in Israeli Jails 

Af.M | DOP -

The Palestinian detainee, Dia Al-Agha, Gaza’s oldest prisoner, entered Monday, 10 October 2022 his 31st  year in the Israeli occupation Jails.

Al-Agha is one of the 18 Palestinian prisoners who have been detained for 30 years or more and he is among 25 Palestinian prisoners that the Israeli occupation continues to detain since before the signing of the Oslo accord, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club. 

He was supposed to be released in late March 2014. However, the Israeli occupation prison administration repudiated its commitments and did not abide by the implementation of what was agreed upon.

Palestinian detainee Dia, 47-year-old, has been detained since 10 October 1992 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

It was reported that the Palestinian prisoner Al-Agha lost his father and sister during the years of his detention and the Israeli occupation prevented him from bidding the last farewell to them.