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Wednesday, May 31

Palestinian Detainee Othman Abu Kharj enters his 20th year in Israeli Jails

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The Palestinian detainee Othman Muhammad Abu Kharj, 50 years old, from the town of Zababdeh in Jenin entered Monday, September 12 his 20th year in the Israeli occupation jails.

Othman was kidnapped in 2003 and sentenced to a life sentence and 20 years. 

Israeli occupation practiced deliberate medical negligence against the Palestinian detainee Abu Kharj over the past years in Israeli occupation detentions. 

The deterioration of his health came after he was diagnosed with hepatitis because of a contaminated injection provided to him by the Israeli occupation prisons administration in 2006. 

Palestinian prisoner Othman underwent 3 open heart procedures following a medical mistake in Israeli detention. 

Israeli Occupation uses deliberate medical negligence as a common punitive measure against Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

73 Palestinian prisoners lost their lives inside Israeli occupation prisons since 1967 due to a systematic policy of deliberate medical negligence, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club.