Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Palestinians Recall the 17th Anniverssary of Israeli Occupation Defeat in Gaza

S.K | DOP -

Seventeen years have passed since Israel was defeated in the Gaza Strip as this defeat was brought about by resistance attacks that were launched during the occupation of the Strip. Note that Al-Aqsa Intifada had the most severe effects as the occupation had grown weary of the high price it had to pay during the Intifada’s initial five years.

In a historic event, “Israel” started vacating its settlements from the Gaza Strip in September, 2005 and removed 21 of its settlements that occupied nearly 35% of the land of the Golan Heights 17 years ago.

After 38 years of the narrow coastal strip occupation, which started with the defeat of June 1967, thousands of Palestinians went out in the streets all together at that time, celebrating and expecting for a better life.

The fundamental reason behind Sharon’s decision to leave the Gaza Strip was made public by the Hebrew media on the fifteenth anniversary of Israel’s defeat from Gaza.

According to the Hebrew “Kan” channel, the Gaza Strip is a “security headache” for the Israelis, especially since it is difficult for them to secure given that it is home to around 2 million people on a relatively tiny piece of land, making comprehensive security nearly impossible.

Following the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the resistance has evolved from mere skirmishes with the occupation into an organized resistance that is based on a national army in every area, including the navy, missile defense, and air defense, as well as the creation of a robust system to confront the occupation while taking into account the Gaza Strip’s environment.

The resistance developed into a system that was organized, allowing it to withstand the three recent wars. It also allowed Hamas to withstand the siege and aggression conspiracy and establish a stage where it would be a prominent player in the Palestinian, Arab, and international equation and refuse to accept any political punishment.