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Wednesday, May 31

Palestinian Detainee Enters His 20th Year in Israeli Occupation Prisons

M.S | DOP -

On Sunday, October 9, 2022, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said that the Palestinian detainee Yaqoub Qadri entered his 20th year in the Israeli occupation prisons today.

The Palestinian detainee Qadri was detained by Israeli occupation forces in 2003, after a two-year chase. After less than a year, the Israeli occupation sentenced him to life imprisonment twice and 35 years in prison. During his trial, he refused to recognize the Israeli court and announced this before the occupation judges.

In 2014, Qadri and a group of prisoners tried to dig a tunnel in the Israeli “Shata” prison to find freedom, and at that time he was subjected to solitary confinement.

The detainee, Qadri, recently faced a delay in his health follow-up by the Israeli occupation, in addition to the harsh and compelling isolation conditions.

Qadri participated again in the Freedom Tunnel operation in Jerboa prison in 2021, and he and 5 Palestinian detainees escaped from the prison through a tunnel dug with a spoon and were re-arrested by the Israeli occupation forces after days of intensive security and military searches and combing operations.

Qadri said about those days in which he was able to escape from prison before his re-arrest, “I lived the most beautiful 5 days of my life, seeing Palestine, which I will never forget. It is a dream come true, I ate figs, pomelo, and green oranges. I saw children next to their parents for the first time in 22 years. I kissed them and embraced them. Our freedom is above everything. We will return to Palestine, all of historic Palestine.”

Al-Qadri was subjected to brutal abuse and assault by the Israeli “Nahshon” forces after the Israeli court sessions, which recently ended with a sentence of additional five years in prison for the charge of their attempts to obtain freedom along with his five companions.