Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Palestinian Community in Chile Praises Presidents’ Bold Move

N.S | DOP -

Palestinian community in Chile warmly received the presidents’ brave gesture as he cancelled Israeli credential ceremony following the killing of a Palestinian minor in the occupied West Bank.

“The Palestinian Community in Chile highly values the decision of President Gabriel Boric Font to postpone the ceremony of the diplomatic credentials of the new Israeli ambassador to Chile because the Israeli occupation army assassinated the minor Oday Salah from Kafr Dan in Jenin, Occupied Palestinian Territory.” said president of the Palestinian community in Chile, Maurice Khamis Massu

He added: “We firmly believe that as long as the world continues to treat Israel and its diplomats as normal, the situation of the Palestinians won’t improve. Israel systematically commits war crimes, crimes against humanity, human rights violations and subjects the Palestinian population to an apartheid regime.”

The Chilean president is known to be a loyal supporter for the Palestinian cause and human rights.

Earlier, he called Israeli occupation state as a “Murderous State”.