Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

Palestinian Citizen Dies of Tortue in PA’s Jails 

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The Palestinian citizen Muhammad Tariq al-Banna 27 years old from Qalqilya died Thursday, 20 October 2022 in Palestinian authority jails due to harsh torture and medical negligence. 

Local sources reported that the Palestinian political prisoner Muhammad Tariq al-Banna died under torture in the PA’s intelligence prison over opposing the PA regime of repression against Palestinians.

The Palestinian Authority practices an unjust system of oppression against Palestinians opposing its policies in order to silence their voices. 

Muhammad is not the first victim, Palestinian security men killed the Palestinian activist Nizar Banat after breaking into his house and severely beating him with batons before arresting him in Hebron city in the occupied West Bank, one year ago. 

A wave of anger spread over the committed crime by the PA as Palestinian citizens linked this crime with the Israeli occupation escalation of the aggression against Palestinians and its pursuit of Palestinian activists and resistance fighters with assassination or arrest.

Earlier, International Human Rights Watch Foundation announced that it had submitted an international memorandum, jointly with a group of Lawyers for Justice, to the Committee against Torture revealing shocking details about the torture that Palestinian political detainees are subjected to in the prisons of the Palestinian  Authority.

Palestinian Authority services continue to arrest 36 Palestinian citizens on political backgrounds including university students, teachers, and freed prisoners under harsh and unjust detention conditions.