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Palestinian Amputee Girl from Gaza Arrives Ankara for Treatment

M.Y | DOP -

The 11-year-old girl, Rahaf Abu Suleiman has just arrived, today`s morning, September 4 in Ankara, Turkey, to continue her treatment after pleading with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, for immediate action to save her life due to the dire medical conditions in the already blockaded Gaza Strip.

Rahaf, the very playful girl from Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip was injured on August 6, 2022 due to an Israeli F16 rocket that hit her house, leaving five children from her family murdered in cold blood and the injury of many others, including her 13-year-old brother Mohammed.

As a result, Rahaf lost three limbs: two legs and one arm with shrapnel injuries of her lean body that led to severe sight problems.

Rahaf received a great care from Turkish doctors who helped with several operations that might lessen her pains.

For Rahaf, Gaza became a source of horror that she refuses to go back to, as in each Israeli military strike, Israeli warplanes never differentiate between a child, an elderly, a man or a woman.

Rahaf, as every child in Gaza has her own dreams. She dreams of being a nurse that she feels impossible to fulfil whenever she looks at her lost limbs and recalling her screams of pain as shrapnel left no part of her body without hurt.