Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Mass Eviction in the West Bank

M.Y | DOP -

IOF are to push away a further one thousand Palestinian to leave their homes in the occupied West Bank.

“Go back.” An Israeli soldier urged a Palestinian citizen to move back as the forces were demolishing his home, leveling it to the ground.

“Here are all my belongings, all my clothes, in the bare sun.” Abu Mohammed said. In a second, a Palestinian home is gone.

“Every thing is going to be confiscated “ BBC middle east correspondent Yolande Knell said in a video report.

The Israeli Occupation authority attempts to displace Palestinians in the West Bank so that they are able to set up their own army training zones.

“The settlers came here, steal our land and digging on it and building their homes,” said a Palestinian shepherd.

The Israeli settlements are growing across the West Bank despite the fact that they are seen as illegitimate under international law.

Hundreds of Palestinians face eviction in the West Bank over the current decade where they are being forced to leave their homes, heading to the unknown.