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Palestine’s UN Representative Confirms That Israeli Settlements Are Illegal, ‘Israel’ Is Occupation

Palestine's UN Representative Confirms that Israeli settlement is Illegal, 'Israel' is Occupation
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On a European diplomatic delegation’s visit to the Palestinian towns of Sebastian and Burqa near Nablus, the European Union representative in Palestine, Sven Kühn v. Burgsdorff, confirmed Wednesday, May 24, 2023, that Israeli settlements in the West Bank in all its forms are illegal as “Israel” is an occupation power.

“Legitimizing the return of settlers to the evacuated settlements in the northern West Bank is against the decisions of the Israeli Supreme Court and international law, and settlement activity in all its forms is illegal,” said Burgsdorff.

He added, “‘Israel’ must stop such procedures and decisions and stop the violence. It must end settlers’ attacks that we totally reject.”

He pointed out that “Israel” is an occupation power that has to protect Palestinians according to international law.

Last March, Israeli Kennest approved the repeal of the so-called Disengagement Law, so the Israeli settlers return to 4 illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land in West Bank that have been evacuated in 2005.

“Years ago, I visited Sebastian which includes historical and cultural monuments. Unfortunately, after all these years, the situation has become worse, and there are many challenges facing the local community in Sebastia as a result of the Israeli occupation,” Burgsdorff said.

He added, “Sebastian is a Palestinian land; according to international law, ‘Israel’ is obligated not to take any contrary action.”

All Israeli actions and schemes implemented in Sebastian are against international law,” the UN representative in Palestine confirmed.

There are many Arab, Canaanite, Roman, Byzantine, Phoenician and Islamic monuments in Sebastian.

In the era of the Roman Empire in the early fourth century, Sebastian was a centre for the Christian bishopric; Since the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967, it came under Israeli control.