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Palestine Supporters in Jordan Rally in Protest against Israeli “Flag March”

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Palestine supporters in Jordan rallied on Thursday, 18 May 2023 in Protest against the Provocative “Flag March” held in the occupied Jerusalem by far-right Israeli settlers.

The participants raised the Palestinian flags during rallies held in the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.

Earlier, Palestinians called to raise the Palestinian flag in response to the provocative Flag march in occupied Jerusalem.

The calls urged the Palestinian people of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, 1948 Palestinian lands and diaspora to raise the Palestinian flag in the field and electronically in response to the “Flag March”.

The popular youth movement in occupied Jerusalem declared Thursday and Friday 18 and 19 of May the days of the Palestinian flag, calling on Palestinians in all the occupied lands, Arab countries, and diaspora to raise the flag at every border point they can reach.

Thousands of far-right Israeli settlers marched today through Muslim areas of occupied Jerusalem’s Old City in a controversial Flag March seen as highly provocative by Palestinians.

Israeli fanatics participants wave Israeli flags, conduct proactive Talmudic rituals, and chant anti-Arab slogans as they pass through Palestinian neighborhoods.

Israeli occupation gave the go-ahead for far-right Israeli settlers to march through the heart of the mainly Palestinian thoroughfare in occupied Jerusalem’s Old City, in a decision that threatens to re-ignite violence in the holy city.