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Palestine Supporters in Capetown Mark 75th Anniversary of Nakba

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Palestine Supporters in Capetown, South Africa rallied on Sunday, 14 May 2023 to mark the 75th anniversary of Nakba when over 500 Palestinian villages and towns were destroyed and depopulated, and over 750,000 Palestinians were made refugees by Zionist militias.

Activists, politicians, and religious leaders commemorated the Palestinian Nakba with a rally held at the Castle of Good Hope.

The participants asserted that South Africa must play a role in working to isolate the Israeli occupation.

Khalid Sayed, a politician with the leading African National Congress (ANC) confirmed to the public that there are strong voices within the ruling party highlighting the cause of Palestine

Youth participants read poetry and depicted a scene of life under Israeli occupation in Palestine where children simply playing in the street are targeted by Israeli occupation forces.

The anti-Apartheid leader, Allan Boesak emphasized the double standards of Western countries and media in reporting about Palestine.

They also illustrated how media are targeted to silence accurate reporting of Israeli crimes, such as in the case of Palestinian journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh who was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper while she is covering an Israeli raid into Jenin despite wearing a vest marked PRESS.