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Saturday, June 3

Palestine Fishermen Receive Support to Construct Fish Cooling Rooms from FISH MED NET

Palestine Fishermen Receive Support to Construct Fish Cooling Rooms from FISH MED NET
M.Y | DOP -

ESDC, the Palestinian associate of FISH MED NET, recently made a sub-grant arrangement with the Al-Tawfiq Association for Fishermen and the Ministry of Agriculture in Palestine that allocates 30,000 euros for the improvement and expansion of fish cooling rooms in the Gaza Strip.

The FISH MED NET project is making this initiative a critical element in its mission to diversify services and products in the fishing industry and build stronger links between the public and private sectors.

This grant will fund the installation of energy-efficient appliances in fish cooling rooms, enabling sustainable practices and decreased energy expenditure. The improved cooling rooms will allow local fishermen to preserve their catch for extended periods, leading to increased earnings and reduced fish wastage.

The ESDC expressed their pride in being a part of this initiative, which is anticipated to have a considerable effect on the fishing industry in the area. This project will stimulate production, augmenting earnings for fishermen, and promote the implementation of eco-friendly practices in the sector. It will also contribute to the economic success and well-being of the local communities in Palestine.

The ongoing Israeli occupation is perpetuating criminal activities against Palestinian fishers, as part of its unlawful blockade, which is a violation of international law as a form of collective punishment.

It should be noted that Israel’s occupation forces still block essential fishing materials and supplies from entering the blockaded Gaza Strip as part of their oppressive siege dating back to 2007.

In 2022, the Israeli naval forces conducted a total of 291 assaults on Palestinian fishers, resulting in 16 injuries, three of which were children, 45 fishers taken as captives, seven of whom were children, and 14 boats being seized, as reported by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights.