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Israeli Navy Kidnaps 4 Palestinian Fishermen off Gaza Shore

Israeli occupation navy kidnapped four Palestinian fishermen off Rafah shore, southern Gaza Strip.
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Israeli occupation navy kidnapped four Palestinian fishermen after chasing their boats off Rafah shore, southern Gaza Strip on Monday early morning, April 17.

The Palestinian Fishermen Committee in Gaza Strip reported on Monday morning that Israeli gunboats opened fire at Palestinian fishermen in Rafah where contact was lost with two fishing boats carrying four people.

In a later statement, the committee pointed out that Israeli occupation forces chased and kidnapped four fishermen and confiscated their boats, without providing further details about their identity.

According to Palestinian reports, the Israeli occupation navy attacked Palestinian fishermen 30 times per month in 2022.

The Palestinian figures clearly showed that Israel systematically targets Palestinian fishermen. The violations against Gaza fishermen included shooting attacks, arrests, confiscations, and damages.

Under the Israeli blockade, more than 5000 Palestinians are working in the fishing sector. They face semi-daily attacks and violations by Israeli gunboats controlling the sea.

The Israeli air, land, and sea blockade imposed since 2006 banned the Palestinian fishermen in Gaza from buying items needed to repair fishing boats. These items included motors, propellers, fiberglass, and many others.

Israeli occupation forces withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2006. However, Israel still controls every aspect of the Palestinians’ lives in the besieged enclave.