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Palestinian Prisoner suffers severe health deterioration as he enters 61st day of hunger strike

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Prisoner Ghazanfar Abu Atwan (28 years), from the town of Dura in Hebron, continues his open hunger strike for the 61st day in a row in protest of his administrative detention.

The Prisoner, Abu Atwan, is lying in the Israeli “Kaplan” hospital, in a dangerous health condition, amid the intransigence of the Israeli occupation authorities in providing many solutions that end his case.

Palestinian Prisoner Club clarified that despite the passage of two months since Abu Atwan’s strike, and the seriousness of his health condition, the Israeli occupation authorities are still stubborn in providing accurate and just solutions to his case.

Instead, it added, he offered temporary solutions to push him to end his strike without achieving his demands and to keep him in administrative detention.

It indicated that the latest statement issued by the doctors about the Prisoner’s health condition stated that he faced three dangerous possibilities: the risk of sudden death, paralysis, and a chronic health problem.
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Meanwhile, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission warned of the seriousness of Abu Atwan’s health condition, noting that he suffers from a severe shortage of fluids in the body.

The media advisor to the authority, Hassan Abd Rabbo, said that this would expose the functions of his vital organs to apparent deficiencies. 

This may lead to paralysis and disability or to die suddenly in addition to cases of wasting and fatigue, stress, and permanent headaches, and refusal to receive supplements and solutions.

He pointed out that Abu Atwan had lost more than 15 kilograms of weight, in addition to tachycardia, unable to speak and move, and struggled with psychological and nervous pressure as a result of the deterioration of his health, and abuse by the Israeli occupation authorities and their intelligence when they refused to release him, and transferred him to a hospital.

The Supreme Court of the Israeli occupation had issued a decision to freeze his administrative detention, which means releasing the responsibility of the Israeli occupation prisons and intelligence services (the Shin Bet) for his fate and life and turning him into an unofficial “prisoner” in the hospital, who remains under the guard of the “security” of the hospital instead of the guards. It rejected the request of a lawyer.

Abu Atwan is a former prisoner who was arrested several times and in 2019, went on a hunger strike in refusal to be administratively detained.