Days of Palestine

EuroTrack: Israel’s favourability falls following Gaza strikes

Days of Palestine -

In the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, when Israel killed 243 Palestinians most of them are children, Israel’s favourability across Europe has suffered significantly in February.

The new YouGov Eurotrack data shows that Israel’s favourability across Europe has suffered significantly since we last tested it in February, with net favourability for the nation falling by at least 14 points in all countries surveyed.

Of all the countries surveyed, Israel is least favourable amongst Britons, with favourability falling from -14 in February to -41 in May, its lowest rating in Britain since YouGov started asking this question in 2016. 

Israel’s favourability is lowest amongst Labour voters, of whom only 13% view Israel favourably, with 68% viewing the country unfavourably (a net score of -55). 

Conservative voters view Israel more favourably, although perceptions are still largely negative: 29% have a favourable impression of Israel while 53% have an unfavourable impression (net -24).

The next highest fall in Israel’s favourability is seen in France, decreasing 23 points from -13 to -36, the country’s lowest favourability rating amongst the French since May 2019. 

A similar fall can be seen in Denmark, experiencing a 22 point drop from -17 to -39. Sweden and Germany see the smallest falls in favourability, at 17 and 14 points respectively. 

Thousands of Israeli warplanes missiles were launched on Gaza Strip left hundreds of martyrs and thousands wounded and led to a mass flee in Gaza Strip last May.

Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip with air raids and artillery shells as it stepped up the deployment of troops and tanks near the besieged Palestinian enclave.
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Israeli warplanes massacred total families with air raids during its aggression on Gaza Strip killing whole familys’ members.

Israel’s aggression against the Gaza Strip continued 11th day in a row, with air raids killing at least 254 Palestinians, including 66 children, who have been killed and more than 1948 wounded since Monday, 10th May.

A mutual and simultaneous ceasefire in Gaza was announced starting at 2 am Friday, 21st May.