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Saturday, March 25

Hamas condemns UNRWA director’s defending Israeli aggression on Gaza

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Hamas Movement expressed its shock at the statements of Matthias Shamali, Director of UNRWA Operations in the Gaza Strip, to the 12th Israeli Channel on the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, where he installed himself as a military analyst or spokesman for the occupation army.

The movement said, in a statement on Tuesday: “Mr. Shamali justified targeting civilians and their homes, reduced the size of the losses, and praised the ability of the occupation army and its accuracy in hitting its targets.”

Hamas added that we remind Mr. Shamali that he is the director of operations of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and his primary job is to protect, employ and relieve refugees, and not justify aggression against them by killing their children and demolishing their homes. 

“We also remind him that in this round only of aggression on our people we lost more than 250 martyrs, Among them were 66 children and 39 women, in addition to about 2,000 wounded, most of them children and women. Israel also bombed thousands of homes on the heads of its inhabitants and targeted hundreds of health, educational and social institutions,” Hamas stated.

Hamas demanded the UNRWA Relief and Works Agency to officially apologize to the Palestinian people and all victims of the aggression for this direct incitement against them, their homes, and their properties.

It stressed the need for all UNRWA officials to abide by the mandate granted to them by the United Nations to perform their duty in the protection, relief, and employment of refugees, and to take all necessary to prevent this from happening again.

Hamas also called for taking all necessary legal and administrative measures against those who committed this grave mistake, stressing at the same time its pride in the historic role of UNRWA in serving our Palestinian people, and we are keen on continuing good relations with the institution in the service of our people and consolidating their historical rights.