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Sunday, March 26

Hundreds of Democrats Sign Petition Calling Biden to Account Israel

Days of Palestine -

Hundreds of Democratic Party employees, and US President Joe Biden’s campaign, signed a petition calling for more protection for the Palestinians, and for the Israeli occupation to be held accountable for human rights violations.

According to what was published by “The Washington Post”, 500 people signed the petition demanding accountability from the Israeli government, pointing to the great discrepancy in losses between the occupation and the Palestinians in the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The petition was signed on Monday by party employees and organizers who worked in Biden’s election campaign in 22 states, including the swing states in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and others.

The newspaper quoted the American employee of Palestinian descent, Heba Muhammad, director of the party’s digital organization in Wisconsin during the 2020 session: “President Biden should do the best. A ceasefire is welcome, but the Palestinians’ suffering continues because there has been no end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The annexation of lands in the West Bank, arrests and raids continue, ethnic cleansing continues, and so is the illegal occupation.

As for Matan Arad Niemann, an American who holds Israeli citizenship, and was working as an organizer in the campaign in the state of Arizona, he condemned the US administration for continuing to sell weapons to “Israel”, referring to the proposed new deal worth $ 735 million that the Biden administration recently approved.

He continued: “I am proud to have elected Biden, but I feel daily horror of the Israeli occupation and apartheid. America’s failure to hold the Israeli government accountable for human rights violations will not help my family who live there and will not preserve their safety.”

The signatories wrote that they praise Biden’s efforts to broker a ceasefire, but the horrific violence that has erupted in recent weeks cannot be ignored, and we urge that you continue to use the power of your office to hold Israel accountable for its actions, and to lay the foundations for justice and lasting peace.

And the message continued that the same values ​​that drove us to work countless hours, for your election, urge us to speak out. We are still terrified by the images of Palestinian civilians in Gaza who have been killed or rendered homeless due to Israeli airstrikes.

The letter condemned the violence on both sides. However, it blamed “Israel” for its great military power, its continuous occupation of the Palestinian areas, and its imposed siege on the Gaza Strip.

She pointed out that “Blinken’s tour came at the request of President Joe Biden; to discuss efforts to reinforce the ceasefire and reduce the risk of conflict in the coming months.”