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Wednesday, March 22

Hamas leader: The arrests of the occupation will not undermine our resolve

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Days of Palestine – West Bank

Majed Hassan, a leader in the Hamas movement, affirmed that the Israeli occupation arrests of the Palestinian people and members of his family will not undermine their determination and belief in the justice of their cause, regardless of the sacrifices and the targets.

Commenting on the occupation’s arrest of his son Abdul Majeed, Hassan said at dawn today, after a raid on his house in Ramallah: “O criminal occupiers: you will not undermine the will of this people, their determination, or their belief in the justice of their cause.”

Hassan sent a message to his two captive sons, Muhammad and Abdul-Majid, saying: “You and your brothers have victory, strength, honor, dignity, and freedom, and your enemies are bastards of shame, humiliation, and defeat.”

It is noteworthy that the leader Hassan and most of his family members were arrested, as he spent nearly 10 years in the Israeli occupation prisons, divided into 6 arrests, the first of which was on 01/22/1991 and moved between many prisons and interrogation centers and was subjected to various types of pressure and abuse.

Nada al-Jayyousi, the wife of the leader Hassan, was arrested by the occupation on 7/8/2007, one day after her husband's arrest, and she spent 5 months in prison, 35 days of which were in the Al-Maskobiyya investigation center.

In 2019, the Israeli occupation forces arrested the daughter of the leader Majed, and transferred her to administrative detention, after which they released her.

The Israeli occupation forces are still arresting the other son of the family, Muhammad. On 24/2/2021, the Israeli occupation court issued its final ruling for a period of 14 months, effectively (18) months, suspended for a period of five years.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested the young Muhammad Hassan from his home northwest of Ramallah on April 21 last year, and he was a student at Birzeit University and secretary of the Student Council’s Financial Committee.