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Saturday, April 1

Prisoner Club holds Israel fully responsible for the life of the wounded boy, Ahmed Flane

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The Palestinian Prisoner Club held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the life of the wounded boy, Ahmed Fulna (17 years), from the town of Safa, west of Ramallah, who was arrested on the twenty-sixth of last February, after the Israeli occupation forces shot him with live ammunition, wounding him with five bullets in his body, and injuring him.

In a statement, the Prisoner Club stated that the young man, a student in the first grade of high school, who is facing a difficult health situation, was recently transferred from "Megiddo" prison to the Israeli "Afula" hospital, for a new medical operation, after several previous operations in Hadassah hospital, after his arrest, knowing that the operations he underwent were carried out without the family's knowledge, even though he was a minor.

Despite his difficult health condition and his urgent need to stay in the hospital, the Occupation Prisons Administration, after four days of his injury, and his stay in "Hadassah" hospital, tied to his bed, transferred him to "Megiddo" prison. The occupation authorities also subjected him to interrogation, while he was in the hospital, without any consideration of his difficult health condition.

The prisoner held two court sessions since his arrest, during which his detention was extended, and a new session will be held for him next Wednesday, corresponding to the 24th of March.

The Prisoner Club considered that what happened with the boy is a "crime", and the Israeli occupation continues to implement it by arresting him and depriving his family of visiting him, which is added to a long list of crimes that are carried out against detainees and prisoners, including children.

His family lives in a state of severe anxiety, especially after the occupation refused to allow them to visit him and to see directly the situation of their son, and his family calls on the competent authorities, headed by the International Red Cross, to intervene and pressure the occupation, to allow them to visit him.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli occupation forces shoot at detainees during their detention, and later the wounded prisoner, in addition to the difficult sanitation situation, faces the policies of the occupation's prison administration and procrastinates in following up on his health, and children are not exempt from this.

It is noteworthy that, until the end of February 2021, the number of child prisoners in the occupation prisons reached about (140) children, distributed in the prisons of "Ofer, Damon, and Majdou".