Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian south of Tulkarm

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Days of Palestine – Tulkarm

Israeli settler ran over a Palestinian citizen in southern Tulkarm while he was returning from work on Friday night.

Local sources said that a settler ran over Muhammad Abd Shehadeh, from Osrin village, near Far’un area to the south of Tulkarm while he was returning from his work in the 1948 occupied territories.

Abd Shehadeh suffered bruises in his foot and hand and was taken to Rafidia Government Hospital for treatment.

The Far’un area is witnessing continuous attacks by the occupation and settlers against the workers.

The citizen Fuad Sabti Joudeh (48 years) from the town of Iraq Al-Tayeh, east of Nablus, was martyred last month after the occupation soldiers targeted a number of workers with tear gas canisters.

The run-over crimes committed by settlers targeting citizens in the West Bank have escalated recently.