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Friday, March 31

Palestinian mother, Aya Al-Khatib, enters her second year in Israeli jails

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The captive Aya al-Khatib (32 years), from the occupied Palestinian interior since 1948, entered her second year of detention in the Israeli occupation prisons.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club stated that the captive Al-Khatib was arrested on the seventeenth of February 2020, and was subjected at that time to investigation and harsh detention conditions in the "Jalameh" detention center.

The Club pointed out that the prisoner Al-Khatib is still in detention, and according to her lawyer, about 20 sessions have been held for her, and it is expected that a session will be held for her next March to demand her release again.

Al-Khatib is the mother of two children, Muhammad al-Fateh and Abdel-Rahman, and to this day she is staying next to her fellow prisoners in Damoon Prison.

It is noteworthy that the female prisoners suffer from harsh detention conditions, which have worsened with the continuing spread of the epidemic, as they were subjected, like all prisoners, to a double isolation process, due to the measures imposed by the prison administration.