Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

46 Palestinian injured by Israel in the West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Ramallah

46 Palestinians were injured and suffocated on  Friday, while the Israeli occupation army dispersed peaceful marches condemning the settlements, in separate locations in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society said, in a press statement, that its crews dealt with 46 injuries, including one with live bullets, six injuries with rubber bullets, and 39 cases of suffocation with tear gas.

It indicated that the injuries occurred in the town of Beit Dajan in the Nablus governorate, the city of Salfit, Al-Mughayir, and Ras Karkar in the Ramallah governorate, and in the village of Hamsa in the northern Jordan Valley, and Kafr Qaddum in the Qalqilya governorate.

A Palestinian was hit with a tear gas canister directly in the head, and he was taken to the hospital. 

Dozens of people suffered from suffocation after the Israeli occupation forces attacked the worshipers who had performed the Friday prayers, on the lands threatened by the seizure of the “Al-Marhat and Al-Ras” area, west of Salfit northern West Bank.

The Israeli occupation authorities had announced their intention to confiscate more than 50 dunums in this area, with the aim of establishing a new settlement outpost.

8 Palestinian youths were injured by metal bullets today, and dozens were suffocated by tear gas, during the Israeli army's suppression of the weekly Kafr Qaddum march.

The march witnessed clashes, while the occupation soldiers suppressed the march, and stormed the village, and the soldiers arrested a Palestinian youth.

The occupation soldiers took over the roofs of citizens' homes and attacked the participants with heavy rubber bullets, wounding 8 young men, one of them in the face, in addition to dozens of cases of suffocation.

The weekly Kafr Qaddum march dates back to the year 2003, after the Israeli occupation closed the main entrance to the village under the pretext of security pretexts, and depriving the people of the village of using it.

The villagers are forced to use a long road to reach Qalqilya and Nablus, and as a result of this situation, the people of the village go out every week, in order to pressure the occupation to open the way.