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Saturday, April 1

Israeli plan to reinforce settlement and seize more Palestinian lands in the West Bank

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Days of Palestine – West Bank

The so-called Jewish National Fund intends to launch a new plan to expand its settlement activities in the occupied West Bank.

The plan focuses on giving priority to the seizure of Palestinian lands that contain outposts and the lands that surround them.

It is expected that the "Jewish National Fund" will hold a meeting next Sunday to discuss a proposal that would allow it to buy land in the West Bank for possible expansion of settlements.

According to the proposal, the details of which were first published on the Hebrew site “Walla,” the JNF would acquire private land, with priority given to land inside the settlements, lands in which construction is expected to face few obstacles, and lands adjacent to existing settlements can be used to expand them.

The organization gives priority to lands in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, the Jordan Valley, the areas around Jerusalem, the Binyamin area north of Jerusalem, the southern Hebron Hills, and the areas adjacent to the pre-1967 borders.

The proposal states that the JNF will continue afforestation of open areas in the West Bank in coordination with the Israeli Civil Administration, in preparation for controlling them.

The organization adopts allegations falsely describing it as legal written by Judge Yusef Alon in favor of the JNF in September 2019, claiming that the fund can buy land in the West Bank “designated for Jewish settlement”.

The Jewish National Fund, an organization established in 1901 to acquire and develop lands in the occupation state, before the establishment of the state for Jewish use, and had been operating informally in the West Bank for years using a subsidiary company.